Barbie Visits "Mother Cluckers" in Palatine

Barbie Visits Mother Cluckers in Palatine, Illinois

There are no TVs, just great music. All our food is fresh and made with family recipes.

Barbie noticed they are BYOB, do bring your favorite wine or 6 packs and we will put it on ice for you.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the cooking.

Barbie wants to tell you a short story first to explain why I love Mother Cluckers.  Of course the name is funny, so you really hope the food is good.  Excellent is all I can say.  To start, the chicken tasted like fried chicken but you could tell it was so much lighter with almost no grease.  It had a very crispy texture you typically find on fried chicken.  Very crispy and crunchy.  The chicken dinner comes with either biscuits or hush puppies....Barbie got the hush puppies and they were really good. Go try it tell them Barbie sent you!


  1. Thanks for telling about this restaurant, we drive by there everyday on our way to work, and we often think we'd like to try it. By the way you look beautiful in all your photo's.


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